I need to change Worker port.


Another soft using this port.


1) Be sure you are using Polywall version 2.823 or higher.

2) Open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Polywall\Polywall Worker 2.0\Worker.exe.config 

3) In the file find the line <setting name="port" serializeAs="String">


   and change 8081 to any other free port

4) Restart the service (right-click Computer -> Control -> Services and applications -> Services -> right-click Polywall Worker -> Restart

5) At the server side open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Polywall\Polywall Server 2.0\config\roomlist\room-list.xml and change workerPort="8081">

6) If the wizard is not installed, change the ports to the new ones in the Polywall server settings (Rooms – Repo и Repositories) and restart Polywall Server

7) If the wizard is installed, click through the wizard to apply all settings.

8) Change Worker ports in all URLs in Server configurator.