1.  Does Hardware ID depend on capture or video cards?

     No, ID is depend on CPU, motherboard and BIOS serial only.

2.  What soft can occupy Visualizer 8086 and 8087 ports?

     Java services can use it.

3.  How does Polywall open PDF files?

     Polywall uses Expert PDF ViewerX ActiveX Control libraries.

4.  How to set one permanent IP or hostname for Worker component

     Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\Polywall\Polywall Worker 2.0\Worker.exe.config", find the string <value>{IP_ADDRESS}</value>" and      set the IP or hostname instead IP_ADDRESS, brackets must be erased.           

5.  Scaling zoom out feature in web sources is too weak.

     Try to use negative numbers. For example -10.

6.  Remote repo does not work with active firewall.

     Create rules in firewall on all machines with Polywall components for Worker, Visualizer and Server. Allow ports 8080, 8081, 8086, 8087 in inbound and outbound rules.

     The most widespread mistake is forgetting to allow Server and            Visualizer ports on machines where only Worker installed.

7.  System works slowly when Visualizer is running.

     It happens, for example, when the video wall is very big so preview or feedback in Designer loads system too much. Open Visualizer settings and reduce the quality 

     for preview in Designer.

8.  How to enable Datapath ActiveSQX for stream video sources?

     Make sure that Datapath SQX card is configured properly and opens streams in its software without CPU loading.

     Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\Polywall\Polywall Visualizer 2.0\Configuration.xml" in Notepad++ or another text editor.

     Find <DatapathForceSqxVideoStream>false</DatapathForceSqxVideoStream> and change false to true.


9. What are the CCTV features in Polywall Pro?

    This functionality was designed for Datapath ActiveSQX technology generally. It includes: SQX stream video sources, source IP camera, auto reconnecting mechanism for IP           streams (when some IP camera goes down the signal disappears so Polywall will show the picture as soon as it will be available again), manual refreshing button under 

    Stream video sources and some internal improvements in Polywall mechanism for better interactions with cameras different manufactures.

10. Does Polywall support Windows 10?

      Polywall does not supports Windows 10 officially because it was not tested thoroughly with varied professional capture and graphic cards (Matrox, Datapath). Some of these cards drivers can work in Windows 7 only.

Nevertheless Windows 10 has not changed dramatically since Windows 7 release and Polywall works on it with no problem which is proved by number of projects and working experience.

11. Why custom display layout doesn't work?

Custom layouts works only with x64 versions of Windows.

12. Configuration Wizard doesn't generate Hardware ID.

Usually it happens when port 8080 is occupied by any side software.

13. Image of Videowall in Operator Interface (Polywall Designer) is displayed incorrectly, even if setup is 100% correct.

It happens because of Windows resolution scaling. Switch scaling of the screens to 100% and restart Visualizer.