Polywall connects to Active Directory and allow to log in for user which was added in user table in Polywall Server settings without passwords.

The example of using LDAP:

1) Turn on "Enable security" and LDAP checkboxes in Polywall Server configurator.

2) Fill the table below with usernames from LDAP who should access Polywall Designer. For example, user1 and user2.

3) Fill all LDAP parameters for connection: 

    a) URL

    b) Connection name and password(valid LDAP user credentials to connect to base, it can be any name from LDAP: any user or special account for this need).

    c) UserBase (valid company name and domain).

    d) UserSearch (filtering parameters).



4) After this configuring only user1 and user2 (if they are in LDAP) will have an access to Designer. All other existed in LDAP users will encounter with access error after trying to log in.