For playing video sources via datapath hardware Polywall software is using VLC plugin which is part of Datapath driver pack. Polywall Kit installs a specific version of the plugin, so after updating of Datapath driver, issues may arise due to inconsistency between the driver version and the installed VLC plugin.

For a better understanding, below is a list of Polywall version and plugin version built into it:

Polywall version 1075 has plugin from Datapath driver version 4.4.1

Polywal version 1128 and higher has plugin from Datapath driver version 4.6.1

In case of necessity, you can replace VLC datapath plugin by yourself by following instruction below:

1. Open location of unzipped installation file of datapath driver (default folder is "C:\Users\***username***\Documents\Datapath_Driver_Install_V****\") 

2. Open the folder DGC170_WDDM, than DISK2 

3. Find the file called "libaccren_plugin.dll"

4. Copy it in to the folder: "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\plugins\video_output" with replacing


1. Reinstallation of Polywall Visualizer will replace the file.

2. You can find both .dll in the attachment.

Known issues after datapth driver update:

During playing a video through Polywall the green line appears on the right side of the video.


1. Replace .dll file by following previous instruction

2. Open Polywall Visualizer settings

3. Check that "Overlay" and "Datapath DMA" checkboxes is ticked.